Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Soctoberfest begins!

I owe photos. They are forthcoming. I have made good progress on my Sweetwater Vesper socks. I took that to Fandomedia instead of the Seashell socks. I cast on before leaving on Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon I had turned the heel, done the gusset and was steaming down the foot. I'll finish that at the fair this weekend.

The seashell socks did not fair as well. I made it down to the heel on Friday night and as i did the reinforced heel realised the fabric would be better in some kind of pattern, perhapsa rib. So they have been abandoned to be frogged and hopefully returned to somewhere at the end of October.

I also managed to knit the sushi from Magknits. Will take photos and add links and whatnot tonight.

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