Tuesday, October 10, 2006

From the Fair

My random sock shot of a bit of the fair. I had trouble with the lighting but the sock will feature later. In the background you can see the church and in front of that my hatstand with various knitted and crocheted hats. I spent the day chasing these round in the gusts of wind. I ended up with windburn too. I sold one hat - my favourite one actually - the wasabi green and dark green stripes beret, which you can see on the left.

Hot water bottle covers. I got a bit crazy with them. The pattern is courtesy of Yarn A Go Go and its a really lovely pattern to work. I can do a cover in just over a night now. And so I um, got carried away and knit a few too many in rather nice yarn from Natural Dye Studio. I think I made 7 for sale - I sold a further 2 to a livejournal friend and I made one for myself, cause they are lovely. I got some interest at the fair but didn't remotely sell a one. And I fear coming into summer now, this is something that will sit in stock for six months or more. And yet I have 6 more skeins looking at me wanting to be hot water bottle covers, which is just crazy. I may have to knit them into scarves just to stop the madness.

I'm not sure if you can see in this photo but I wrapped them up in cellophane, added a sticker for my name (Boeme Bebe) and labelled the yarn colours and then tied some silver ribbon round the top. They looked lovely when I wrapped them in the morning. I'm so heartbroken though cause they got so thrown about in the damn wind that I think the cellophane may be all creased and stuff and detract from the product. I haven't had the nerve to look - I just packed them up and put them straight back in the cupboard.

And then of course .... the socks! I finished my first pair for Socktoberfest at the fair, which does mean it wasn't entirely a waste of my time. I'm happy with them. They look good and the yarn was fun to work with. And they are bright and cheery, I worked extremely hard at matching the second one to the first but if you look closely:
you'll see, not so much!

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