Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The lure of new yarn

I know it's October and I'm supposed to be hooning through my second socks. I have a friend staying over and so not much knitting is really get done. I finished a scarf, though, this morning which is good stash restocking justification (SRJ). This is useful information since I see that Sophie's Toes is to be restocked today some time and Wendy's Mentionables kits are starting to appear at Yarn Botanika. Yarn Botankia have such lovely names and alluring colourways - peach spice and the pumpkin spice in particular. But it's also the draping their skeins sexily over Japanese pebbles. Sigh. I just *want* them. Good work girls!!

I also have some stunning sock yarn that I'm ogling in my kitchen - Sunshine Knitting's Chocolate covered cherries. I figure say i get all my socks done this month (ha!), and likely I'll cast on Avocado Salad, I can then cast those on. And yet? Day 5 and very little sock knitting currently achieved.

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