Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When socks get too much

Well I think I OD'ed on the sock knitting. Personally, I'm impressed I lasted this long. It's very unlike me to be so monogamous in my knitting. Last night though, I just couldn't face another sock. So ... I cast on some more projects instead!!!

I thought I might try the scarf that the Yarn Harlot just finished - the one repeat pattern. It's quite delightful to knit, simple enough to not have to concentrate but not too boring either. The yarn is from Natural Dye Studio in Primrose, and yes, it was destined for a hot water bottle cover. Am cannibalising that stash ASAP to prevent too many covers hanging about the place. I was looking for this yarn, actually, on Monday night and got quite agitated because I couldn't find it. The bf was most amused to see me pacing between rooms so upset because I'd lost yarn. And it was neatly in the reorganised stash, just where I'd left it. *pout*

This might be what the bedside table looks like at the moment after all the casting on. I'm also sewing up the nine patch garter squares.

The purple ball poking out from behind is the beginnings of a Sarcelle shawl for my sister. This is the first lace I've ever knit. The pattern is not for beginners. Much cursing occurred last night along with frogging, ripping and cutting. I ended up knitting through the initial increase (28 rows) and the first repeat before having to start over because I was doing something wrong but it was just as well cause I'd been ignoring the instruction of how the chart alternates between a right and wrong side. No wonder I wasn't getting that nice border. So. Lace work is hard. You can't watch Australian Idol, talk on the phone to your mum and do it at the same time. But it's very satisfying when you do pull off the repeat and I'm loving my new Addi Turbos.

I'll admit to getting addicted to these shots. I should probably take them in better light so you'd like them as well. But I quite like marking progress or regress by them. As you can see, all the garter squares have been removed from the middle shelf (*cough* most of them are on the bedside *cough*) and you can see the top of the pile of the finished nine patch squares on the bottom shelf. I think I might knit plain squares the size of these to intersperse instead of the border idea. This also helps with the nine patch square shortage. Finally, note the emptiness of the basket on the middle shelf. I discovered only one cast on sock in there - the watermelon ones in the shots above. There was a ball of yarn for my log cabin squares in there and random ones of bootie pairs. These will all be dealt with in due course. Of Course.

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