Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Knitting for Charity

The whole Boeme Bebe concept came out of the World Vision Guardian Angel Drive - where you can knit garments for babies and drop them off at Guardian Pharmacies for eventual delivery in the developing world somewhere.

I've always meant to go back and actually do that, or something similar. This week I am gloriously catching up on my podcasts (I fell behind last week having a house guest) and I was listening to Guido's Its a Purl Man podcast. He had someone from Save the Children in the US describing their Caps to the Capital project. She mentioned that 4 million newborn babies in the world die within the first month of life from a variety of reasons including being wet and lacking warmth. She was very determined that it was for Americans only - basically knit or crochet a newborn hat and send it with a note to President Bush telling him that American Knitters and Crocheters care about newborn health.

Well, I would say that Knitters and Crocheters across the world care about newborn health. I especially do. I especially do when thinking about all that stash hanging out in my stash closet and not draping itself around a sweet, tiny baby. I have a lot of stash that I bought for Boeme Bebe. And I am thinking of knitting/crocheting some portion of that stash and donating it, I guess, to World Vision. If you want to join me, drop me a line - either here in the comments or at girlie dot jones at gmail dot com and let me know the caps you have made and donated or if you want to send them to me to include in my donation. You can download an action kit here with some patterns for very simple newborn hats. I think I'll use these patterns, they look simple and they have newborn sizings. It's an ongoing project, so I'll add a tally on the sidebar.

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