Monday, October 16, 2006

Darn it

Now that I've gotten used to posting photos with my entries, I don't know what to do having left my camera at home! Well, its probably a good thing cause whilst I want to show you my new yarn that came in the mail on Friday, I want to do a close up of one skein with another recently acquired skein. It might be that they are in the exact same colourway.

I finished the Sherbet socks last night. That's my 3rd pair for Socktoberfest. I immediately put the Watermelon ones from Knitting Sunshine back on the needles and managed to turn the heel this morning. I should have been working on the Seashells but I guess since it's all socks .. what does it matter?

I'm getting a wee bit antsy. I was all into the socks until about last night. Admittedly they are all in plain stitch and mostly are the second sock so how the variegation is going to go is all in the open. I guess I'm just wanting to work on Not!Socks for a while. I picked up all those garter squares and matched them into 9 patch piles and sewed almost one nine patch last night alternating with socks. I'm only going to get 3 more squares to add to the 3 I've already sewn and that's not quite big enough for a blanket. That might then have to go back in the yarn closet and await more scraps. I do though like the fact that areas are getting tidied up, organised and projects completed. I suspect completing half made booties might be next.

I also have a new idea for some of the Boeme Bebe stock - or maybe just more of it than I originally thought.

Photos to come.

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