Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More socks!

My 17th pair of socks! Watermelon Patch from Sunshine Knitting. Standard plain pattern. My very first skein of handdyed yarn so this pair has taken almost a year to knit.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Photos at last

I feel like I can't post without photos. It's weird.

This pair of socks was the second pair I made this year (and at all) - I've made 17 pairs this year and am trying to relocate them all to put together a gallery. Made with Sundara yarn in Fruit Punch. I must admit that I was initially disappointed because the yarn looked prettier in the skein (but that way lies madness). However these are truly comfy socks and they wash really well. After conversion and with postage, these socks cost nearly AUD$50.

A recent FO from Soctoberfest. The pair of socks using the Rainforest Jasper from Socks that Rock, Rocking Sock Club. Cuff, heel and toe done in Jasper. This was what the bf did with them after being presented with the pair. Do you need a better shot than this? Admittedly, it is starting to get hot here and socks are far from people's minds. He will love them in winter, I know.

Um, yes. This looks how it feels. There are actually two pairs of finished socks there waiting to be photographed. And an array of works in progress. It's all a mess. Plain socks and a scarf are good to work on whilst reading online in bed. The Sarcelle is suffering because of that.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I love this photo! The chick looks either like she's the woman from The Collector and any minute she's gonna make a run for it out the window or she's a heroine addict in withdrawal and wants the photographer to leave her alone.

Either way, I'm not likely to check out these knits.

Don't ask!

My sister's birthday was November 2. I was making her the Sarcelle. It was late. Obviously.

I made a mistake about a week or more ago and put it down - that's when I know I am too tired for lacework.

Then I was always too tired to unpick and work out what went wrong. (And that's why always have socks on the go)

Last night I decided I'd *fix* it. I wish I hadn't. Cause fix it i did... all the way to getting the scissors out, cutting the line and putting it down to frigging start over. Grr... I was so near to the transition bit too and looking at it, I almost want to cry at having to cast on again.

And for the bf's mum's 60th birthday, I want to make her a lace shawl. Am guessing it's not going to be Sarcelle.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boeme Bebe

Ah, now that Blogger is back to publishing my posts ... I've been spending my time making newborn socks out of the sock yarn scraps again. I find Socks that Rock so interesting - the fabric comes out totally different on a sock with 32 stitches compared to one with 72. I have had to opt for a three stitch rib for the Rainforest Jasper in order to get some kind of striping instead of vertical pooling.

Photos to come, I really promise this time.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I must admit to having left this blog flail a bit. I feel like I can't post to it if I don't have any photos and then .. the camera was in the bf's car and I didn't have anything to photograph.

I finished the bf's socks two days ago - the Rainforest Jasper from Socks that Rock, Rocking Sock Club. I must say, that with all the socks I have cast on in various stages of progress - and there are a few - I like the Socks that Rock yarn the best. It really is a beautiful yarn to work with.

I took the needles from the finished pair (my 16th for the year) and put them to good use working on baby socks with leftover sock yarn. Not sure what I'm gonna do with them all. I have this growing stash of baby's booties and whatnot. I dunno if I'll ever sell them all but oh well, I hate the ever-growing pile of tiny leftover balls of yarns. And I can't throw em out. So newborn socks they become.

Anyway. Have managed to not cast on another pair of socks as yet, but the week is young and my list of socks as gifts grows.

Friday, November 10, 2006

not more socks!!!

I do need to at least itemise my sock knitting list. I need to figure out how to do the bars along the side but it looked too fiddly when researching it yesterday. In any case, I decided to cast on a new pair of socks - the pair for my aunt - last night. And I actually took the needles from Seashells. bad. And also, I'm trying not to think about it too much but to get gauge, I had to go up a size in needles and then cast on more stitches - seems wrong but I'm gonna be zen with it. I'm using the cashmere/merino from The Knittery in Exotic. Its a delicious red and black with graduations between the two in greys and the lightest reddish pinks. The fabric is coming out just stunningly.

Will attempt to photograph random things on the weekend. Have a good one!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Projects List?

I don't want to make my knitting a to do list. Knitting is the only place really where I can just let loose and do whatever. I try not to be too anal about whether or not I have 18 projects cast on. Things tend to go in ebb and flow for me. Sometimes I'm rotating and knitting on 7 things at once. Sometimes I have 18 projects cast on and I only work on one. Sometimes I go past and finish off a whole heap of almost finished items and sew up things that have been done and cast aside.

But the sock knitting is getting out of control. I have a ton of sock yarn waiting in the wings. And a heap of projects I want to do. I might lose track.

You see, my grandmother passed away last week. And things have been sad and so on. My aunt has been really great - hosting meals all times of the day at her house and being really supportive. I'd like to make her a pair of socks to say thank you and to show my appreciation. In addition, because of Socktober, I had the pair of socks made for my Nana's birthday. It was really great to be able to grab them from the cupboard and run, when needed - her birthday was also this week. So it made me think how good it would be to have a list of presents for the next year that I plan to knit for and then gradually work on them in advance in the year so that they are ready. It'd be great to get things to the person on the day instead of the "it's coming" which I'm doing for two birthdays that have gone already. And in case something comes up, it's nice to have things ready and not have to rely on being able to (and remembering to) go to the shops the week before and hope you find something appropriate.

Of course, that would involve admitting how many socks I currently have on the needles.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Not much Doing

Just a very quick note to say that I haven't been knitting much. But I'm still here.