Thursday, November 16, 2006

Don't ask!

My sister's birthday was November 2. I was making her the Sarcelle. It was late. Obviously.

I made a mistake about a week or more ago and put it down - that's when I know I am too tired for lacework.

Then I was always too tired to unpick and work out what went wrong. (And that's why always have socks on the go)

Last night I decided I'd *fix* it. I wish I hadn't. Cause fix it i did... all the way to getting the scissors out, cutting the line and putting it down to frigging start over. Grr... I was so near to the transition bit too and looking at it, I almost want to cry at having to cast on again.

And for the bf's mum's 60th birthday, I want to make her a lace shawl. Am guessing it's not going to be Sarcelle.


Wendy said...

Poor Sarcelle! It will go better next time - and it is sooo worth it!


Alisa Krasnostein said...

Thanks Wendy. I'm scared now that I'll get this far in again and then have to start over. I might try lifelines this time.