Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Projects List?

I don't want to make my knitting a to do list. Knitting is the only place really where I can just let loose and do whatever. I try not to be too anal about whether or not I have 18 projects cast on. Things tend to go in ebb and flow for me. Sometimes I'm rotating and knitting on 7 things at once. Sometimes I have 18 projects cast on and I only work on one. Sometimes I go past and finish off a whole heap of almost finished items and sew up things that have been done and cast aside.

But the sock knitting is getting out of control. I have a ton of sock yarn waiting in the wings. And a heap of projects I want to do. I might lose track.

You see, my grandmother passed away last week. And things have been sad and so on. My aunt has been really great - hosting meals all times of the day at her house and being really supportive. I'd like to make her a pair of socks to say thank you and to show my appreciation. In addition, because of Socktober, I had the pair of socks made for my Nana's birthday. It was really great to be able to grab them from the cupboard and run, when needed - her birthday was also this week. So it made me think how good it would be to have a list of presents for the next year that I plan to knit for and then gradually work on them in advance in the year so that they are ready. It'd be great to get things to the person on the day instead of the "it's coming" which I'm doing for two birthdays that have gone already. And in case something comes up, it's nice to have things ready and not have to rely on being able to (and remembering to) go to the shops the week before and hope you find something appropriate.

Of course, that would involve admitting how many socks I currently have on the needles.


chocolatetrudi said...

I've always thought that WendyKnits "Bad-ass Knitter" manifesto (http://wendyknits.net/knit/badass.htm) ought to have included "Have as many projects on the needles at the same time as you want."

Alisa Krasnostein said...

That's great - I hadn't read her manifesto!
And you're right, if I want to cast on projects on every pair of needles I own why can't I? Forgetting the fact that it gets messy, things get twisted and caught up and you get depressed cause it takes so long to finish things!!!!