Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sore wrists!!!

I woke up this morning with a very sore left wrist. So sore in fact that I couldn't do my bra strap up! Just my left wrist and I coudn't bend it backwards nor forwards. Typing at work was painful. I didn't even do any knitting last night so surely it's not RSI. Although I did notice the same hand was cramping a bit the night before when I was knitting.

Still... it wasn't until half an hour into this evening's knitting that I realised I'd been knitting a sock - so at least knitting is still on!! And I spose then that it's not knitting-related RSI.

Here is the back of the Christening jacket done. I ended up scanning the internet widely for more of this yarn to absolutely no avail. It's Panda Baby Lustre, 4 ply in white. Noone in Australia with an online store seems to currently have it nor ebay. I think I can order some more from my LYS (via online) but will have to wait 2 weeks for it to come in and I'm not sure they have processed my order yet. So no pressure....

I have one more 50 g ball and I think that should do the two front panels. I hope. Cross your fingers for me.

And here is the stack of 9 patch squares for my 9 Patch Afghan. I made the stunning discovery last night that I still do not have enough squares. I never seem to with this project. It's made from the scraps of all the hot water bottle covers I've made. I have some blue yarn to knit up into squares that I think will mean I have 2 more large squares to add to this pile. There are 12 in this pile. So then I will have 14 - what the hell do you do with that? I need 2 more squares .... again...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Projects in Progress

My sister really liked the gift which made me very happy. She said "ooh this will get used!" which is totally what a knitter longs to hear.

Here is the back of the christening jacket I am making for my hairdresser's baby. It's a commissioned piece and I'm a bit nervous that it won't fit. I'm also running low on the yarn and having a little bit of trouble getting some extra balls.

So yeah, it occurs to me, this is a knitting blog and would be the appropriate and useful place to list all the projects I have a pressing need to get done.

- hot water bottle cover for uncle's bday
- socks for uncle's bday
- socks for the bf's mum
- 9 patch afghan
- log cabin afghan
- pair of socks for me
- chemo cap
- sushi
- thing for C
- thing for other C
- socks for my sister's bday (awaiting STR package)
- shawls!
- christening jacket and bonnet (and booties?)

I'm sure there's more but that's a good start

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finished Object!

Done! A hot water bottle cover for my sister as a thankyou for hosting the breaking of the fast on Saturday night. My mother suggested I buy a hot water bottle as well, which I did. The yarn is Holiday from The Knittery.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stash Part 2

Of course, that said, I've been lurking in my favourite online yarn stores lately and made sure to order some of the colourways soon to be retired from the Socks that Rock range. And I am travelling to New York and London next month (!!) and intend to visit stores over there.

So it's not *likely* I will run out of stash.

Plus ... there's my cross stitch kit stash AND my fabric stash to *also* contend with.


I go through varying emotions towards my stash. Most of the time I just love it. It's filled with yarns I have fallen in love with and still look forward to knitting with. It represents potential. And possibility.

Sometimes I feel anxious towards my stash. That there are so many projects already assigned to it and I am not knitting fast enough. Or I have cast on for too many projects and can't seem to finish any of them in decent times. (this was the weekend feeling)

And other times I feel like either I am working through it too fast, or what will happen if I *do* work through it too fast or that there is not enough in there! That was just now. I went to pull out a skein of sock yarn to make myself a pair of socks whilst knitting a variety of gifts - so that I won't feel like it's all too much of a chore. And I could swear I had more skeins in there to choose from! Or less skeins already assigned a project.

Seriously though - what happens if you work through your stash? I mean, somehow I am aware of all the money invested in it and the thought of having to replace it kinda scares me.