Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Projects in Progress

My sister really liked the gift which made me very happy. She said "ooh this will get used!" which is totally what a knitter longs to hear.

Here is the back of the christening jacket I am making for my hairdresser's baby. It's a commissioned piece and I'm a bit nervous that it won't fit. I'm also running low on the yarn and having a little bit of trouble getting some extra balls.

So yeah, it occurs to me, this is a knitting blog and would be the appropriate and useful place to list all the projects I have a pressing need to get done.

- hot water bottle cover for uncle's bday
- socks for uncle's bday
- socks for the bf's mum
- 9 patch afghan
- log cabin afghan
- pair of socks for me
- chemo cap
- sushi
- thing for C
- thing for other C
- socks for my sister's bday (awaiting STR package)
- shawls!
- christening jacket and bonnet (and booties?)

I'm sure there's more but that's a good start

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