Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I go through varying emotions towards my stash. Most of the time I just love it. It's filled with yarns I have fallen in love with and still look forward to knitting with. It represents potential. And possibility.

Sometimes I feel anxious towards my stash. That there are so many projects already assigned to it and I am not knitting fast enough. Or I have cast on for too many projects and can't seem to finish any of them in decent times. (this was the weekend feeling)

And other times I feel like either I am working through it too fast, or what will happen if I *do* work through it too fast or that there is not enough in there! That was just now. I went to pull out a skein of sock yarn to make myself a pair of socks whilst knitting a variety of gifts - so that I won't feel like it's all too much of a chore. And I could swear I had more skeins in there to choose from! Or less skeins already assigned a project.

Seriously though - what happens if you work through your stash? I mean, somehow I am aware of all the money invested in it and the thought of having to replace it kinda scares me.

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