Sunday, February 22, 2009

Possible Lost Cause

Remember how I mentioned WIPs that get filed away and forgotten?

I was looking for the darning needle to kitchener up this sock I finished and could not find the damn needle. Then I vaguely remember putting crafty things in the second drawer down on the bedside table on the other side of the bed. So I go and have a look and what do I find?! A cross stitch project and two different socks cast on and being knitted - one for me and one for my mum.

I don't even get to choose the next sock project as I already have some in progress!! Grrrrr ... no cast on new projects for me today!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unfinished business

What I meant to post was ... in sorting out the projects that I really want to finish this year and those that I don't and I only keep in the pile out of Started Craft Guilt, I've been trying to sort and organise my stash and my work room.

I have noticed with myself that I get overenthusiastic and manic. I get overambitious. I start a lot of new projects at once. And in the beginning of that phase, it helps to keep WIPs in obvious places, in my face, so that I keep working on them. Eventually though, I forget they are WIPs and they become ... art installations, if you will, around my home. That I no longer actually see in my daily goings about my home.

Then it's not long before a general clean up happens, WIPs get eventually admitted they aren't being worked on, sent to the WIP basket and often never thought or seen of again.

Today I finally tackled the scary yarn basket of doom - the one with a ton of works in progress, falling off needles, and wound around other balls of yarn. A big untanglefest of procrastination. Today though I started tackling it and unravelling WIPs - if I really want to do them, I can cast them back on later. And do you know what I found? I'm so ashamed to admit this. I found more than 20 individual baby booties - as in 20 unmatched half pairs!!! Of like funky baby stuff - rollerskates and ugg booties and so on. With the partner just never made.

Time to start a new to do list for 2009, me thinks!

update me

My poor neglected blog! My last post promised daily photos of progress and possibly that killed the whole thing.

This is my first post for 2009. Shameful!

Especially since, crafting formed a significant part of my resolutions for this year. I didn't blog any of them but I did write them down.

One of the things I felt bad/sad about at Xmas last year was the number of awesome kits I had bought last year and the year before and hadn't finished or even started. And the idea that at this rate, my taste would change before I'd even cut some of the fabrics, made me want to cry. And the size of my stash (fabric and yarn) made me hyperventilate.

So. One of the things that I want to do by the end of this year, is be able to stand in my house and enjoy it decorated with beautiful things that I have made. That's almost the goal verbatim! And also to have spent time knitting socks and other things for me, this year. To get some joy back from the stashing and from the crafting.

I'm trying to complete one project a month. And that goal sorta encourages the completion of WIPs, which is good. I finally picked up the kimono wallhanging I was working on on my last boat holiday with the ex. Memories of that are gone and I have managed to finish piecing it all together. I just have the borders to do.

I've also been working on the hexagon project. That is going faster now than it was before. And I have completed one pair of socks for the year - these are a gift and I shall cast on tonight for a pair for me.

Photos soon!