Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unfinished business

What I meant to post was ... in sorting out the projects that I really want to finish this year and those that I don't and I only keep in the pile out of Started Craft Guilt, I've been trying to sort and organise my stash and my work room.

I have noticed with myself that I get overenthusiastic and manic. I get overambitious. I start a lot of new projects at once. And in the beginning of that phase, it helps to keep WIPs in obvious places, in my face, so that I keep working on them. Eventually though, I forget they are WIPs and they become ... art installations, if you will, around my home. That I no longer actually see in my daily goings about my home.

Then it's not long before a general clean up happens, WIPs get eventually admitted they aren't being worked on, sent to the WIP basket and often never thought or seen of again.

Today I finally tackled the scary yarn basket of doom - the one with a ton of works in progress, falling off needles, and wound around other balls of yarn. A big untanglefest of procrastination. Today though I started tackling it and unravelling WIPs - if I really want to do them, I can cast them back on later. And do you know what I found? I'm so ashamed to admit this. I found more than 20 individual baby booties - as in 20 unmatched half pairs!!! Of like funky baby stuff - rollerskates and ugg booties and so on. With the partner just never made.

Time to start a new to do list for 2009, me thinks!

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