Friday, May 25, 2007

Do you knit anything other than socks?

These socks were one of "those" projects. I cast them on in about the week after my Grandmother passed away - November last year. My Aunt was just such a great support I thought she deserved a nice pair of cashmere socks. So I cast these on. The yarn is from The Knittery. I cast them on on bamboo needles to see what they were like to knit with. Hideous as it turns out - my hands hurt so much that this became the least appealling project on the go and trust me I have a lot of projects on the go. And so .. I am sad to say that I only finished these last week. Now I got my camera up and going again, I can wrap these up and get them off to her in time for the cold weather.

They are quite tightly knit so I must admit to being a bit nervous about the sizing. Cross your fingers for me!


Finally I can post the socks I sent to my dear friend in Tasmania for her birthday.

I wanted her to have a pair of socks just for her feet and I'm assured they fit. The story with this yarn - Claudia's handpainted - is that I made her pick out the skein she liked from Sweet Georgia's last stash available, which she did. Then I ordered it and then .. it took 4.5 months to get here from Canada. So T got her socks from my very special, post-clapotis (proper post to come on that) disaster stash. I liked how these came out and in the end, were more what I wanted to make than the Sweet Georgia colourway.

A different view, flash versus nonflash.

And note, I was testing out how well my Tin Duck Award would work as a sock display prop. Not well, as it turns out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


After the Clapotis disaster, I was very sad and my mother suggested I go straight out and buy myself some yarn I love and make myself a new one. I couldn't bring myself to knit another Clapotis cause it was theeeeeeeee most boring knit (part of why I was sad - knowing I'd never reknit it). But she had a point and so I decided to splurge and buy yarn I'd never been able to bring myself to buy before. I decided to splurge on some Claudia's Handpainted and to only knit myself socks!

Well the knit them all for me bit kinda backfired but here in progress is the first pair. They kinda survived the laundry disaster that followed the Clapotis one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Hat!

My first adult hat. It's a chemo cap and I was kinda sad to make it - it went to my Mum's best friend who is currently fighting her second bout of Ovarian Cancer. I was making it in summer so I did take my time but then luckily had a stint of online reading, I think, one weekend towards the end of February (?) and finished it just in time for a cold spell in March. It's made from cashmere sock yarn from The Knittery and I doubled over the yarn. She wears it at night when her head is cold and it makes me glad to know there is a part of me giving her warmth and comfort when she is not feeling the best.

The pattern is available online from Knitty

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finally! A new post

I lost my knitting mojo about at Swancon and it's taken me a while to get it back. Worse, I've knitted 6 pairs of socks this year and I'm not sure I photographed all of them.

I'll try and so better. Here's a pair I made for my Mum - she bought 2 skeins last time I did a Socks that Rock order. This is one of those pairs, I think I owe her a second. Just a basic plain pair and I fiddled with width this time for comfort.

Not sure if I showed my Lisa Souza haul from a while back but I love it so I will show again.

Pair of socks I made from the Violet Pink Ribbon in the stash above for the bf's mother's bday. Again, a plain pair. I ended up only using half the skein.