Friday, May 25, 2007


Finally I can post the socks I sent to my dear friend in Tasmania for her birthday.

I wanted her to have a pair of socks just for her feet and I'm assured they fit. The story with this yarn - Claudia's handpainted - is that I made her pick out the skein she liked from Sweet Georgia's last stash available, which she did. Then I ordered it and then .. it took 4.5 months to get here from Canada. So T got her socks from my very special, post-clapotis (proper post to come on that) disaster stash. I liked how these came out and in the end, were more what I wanted to make than the Sweet Georgia colourway.

A different view, flash versus nonflash.

And note, I was testing out how well my Tin Duck Award would work as a sock display prop. Not well, as it turns out.

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