Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I must admit to having left this blog flail a bit. I feel like I can't post to it if I don't have any photos and then .. the camera was in the bf's car and I didn't have anything to photograph.

I finished the bf's socks two days ago - the Rainforest Jasper from Socks that Rock, Rocking Sock Club. I must say, that with all the socks I have cast on in various stages of progress - and there are a few - I like the Socks that Rock yarn the best. It really is a beautiful yarn to work with.

I took the needles from the finished pair (my 16th for the year) and put them to good use working on baby socks with leftover sock yarn. Not sure what I'm gonna do with them all. I have this growing stash of baby's booties and whatnot. I dunno if I'll ever sell them all but oh well, I hate the ever-growing pile of tiny leftover balls of yarns. And I can't throw em out. So newborn socks they become.

Anyway. Have managed to not cast on another pair of socks as yet, but the week is young and my list of socks as gifts grows.

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