Monday, October 09, 2006

in brief

I have a ton of photos so will post later on tonight. But I'm a bit down - we did the fair yesterday and it was horrible. We sat there all day and it was a very windy day and I sold two items. My Mum did slightly better with her jewellery but basically it was just unpleasant. I'm sore all over and very down about it all. My Mum is friends with the lady who ran the fair and that's why we ended up there this year and she was already asking us to come back next year. The thing is that it's a church fair. There were four stalls including us and pretty much only the parishoners came to the fair and none of them had money. I don't mind if you don't sell because people don't like what you have but to sit all day and not have anybody show up with the intention of buying anything just seems like a waste of my time.


chocolatetrudi said...

Drat on the fair. From what I've seen and done, I reckon you've got to pick your fairs and markets carefully.

One that's held on a regular basis and has a good reputation, usually attracting at least 20+ stalls, clearly visible to traffic driving by, lots of parking and hopefully not too many people selling the sort of thing you sell is a good start!

Alisa Krasnostein said...

Yeah the trouble is we keep getting roped into this one and if we weren't there, I dare say they would be pshed to call it a fair with like 3 stalls.

I kinda resent having to do it - do them a favour but like without the support. I could have been catching up on my reading or something.