Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some FOs

Finally got my butt into gear and uploaded a whole heap of photos. This morning I finished my 14th pair of socks. I thought I might show some of the earlier ones first.

These are the very first pair of socks that I knit. I desperately wanted to try self striping yarn and this Opal was the only yarn I could find in Australia. I bought 3 balls and the other two are sitting in the stash, long forgotten with the love for other yarns. I love these socks because they fit perfectly and they wash in the machine in a regular load and come out like they went in. However, this was also the pair of socks that I learned that there is such a thing as too much (the yiddish (?) word would be "murra duddi"). I did a basketweave or similar stitch which is mostly lost in the stripes and just comes out as extra texture.

These are the first pair of socks I made for the bf. Just plain stocking stitch in Socks that Rock, Carbon Dating. I had to buy a second skein cause ... yeah, mens feet are bigger, and so I ended up with an extra half or two thirds of a skein. I made my Dad a pair with the leftovers exactly the same. On this pair I learned that even though socks might be machine washable, you should use wool detergent and not throw them in with the rest of the wash. A lot of the colour washed out and they don't look much like this anymore - very faded now.

Knitted Sushi! Pattern from Magknits. I fiddled with it once I'd done a few and did the slice of sushi (as opposed to the nori rolls) myself. I was going to do a second slice of sushi with like carrot or whatever but I got .... distracted. This leads me to the question of copyright. I've never come across this before - like if you buy a cookbook and you make the recipe and sell the cake ... whatever. But that's a real no-no in the knitting online world. I'm really not used to ownership of patterns, mostly because I change everything I knit anyway. I never gauge, I usually take something I like from a pattern and do something else with it. I was really shocked to read that something like 80% of knitters knit a pattern in the same colour as that shown in the picture! That kind of knitting is totally not the knitting world I come from - probably due to lack of patterns and lack of yarn brands available. So I guess my question is, when is a pattern changed such that it's no longer bound by copyright? Is the slice of sushi mine even though I only adapted the pattern for the nori roll?


Anonymous said...

Copyright is also a huge issue in quilting - no one had really thought much about it until there was a lawsuit over the quilts in How to Make An American Quilt. I'll come back and comment further later (ie, once I"m at home!)

Alisa Krasnostein said...

ooh that sounds so interesting! Can't wait for more!!