Monday, October 30, 2006

What? An update?

Still no photos. Photos of my bedside table are too depressing. You see, I have ended October in the same state I started it in - all dpns have socks cast on them again. At least I finished some I spose. I cast on a pair of Chocolate Cashmere Merino from The Knittery for my uncle's birthday (which was yesterday). I am still working on the Seashells and am on the gusset for the second sock in the Watermelon. And I cast on the second sock for the bf in the Rainforest Jasper. And I am working on Sarcelle. And I decided to knit up all the little balls of end of sock yarns so that I can see what is leftover for the sock yarn blanket.

I got knitting needles in all directions again!

On my other blog ( I had a meme a while back where you put your name down and I make you a craft thing and you make me one back. I think I got like 8 people on that list so I've started looking at what I'm going to be making. Out comes the sushi pattern from Magknits and a couple of the fun things from Knitty I've been wanting to try.

And I have at least 3 pairs of socks in the waiting queue for other people.

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