Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New FOs

My 14th pair of socks! And my 5th pair for myself. Thank goodness for Socktoberfest because I started these socks ... maybe in April? Finished the first, cast on the second, got to the heel and abandonded ship. I actually made a pair in the same colourway right before this one and I think I overdosed in red. These are Red Slippers in Socks that Rock. I used a slipped rib pattern. I didn't love the pattern (3 knit, 3 purl and then next row, knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, purl 1, slip 1, purl 1) - it wasn't mindless enough that you didn't have to concentrate but it wasn't interesting enough to be fun to knit. Also ... they are a pretty tight fit. I struggled to put these on this morning - maybe my feet were still wet from the shower. They are warm to wear though and pretty snazzy. I'm wearing them at work today with a three quarter length skirt (and pink top!).

And of course, I picked up the next set and began working - the Sherbet, also from Socks that Rock (see photo down below somewhere). These are for my Nana and she is tiny (maybe a size 4? need to check) so I zoomed through the leg and heel last night and did the gusset and half the foot this morning.

Here's something my Mum has been making lately that I love but she hasn't had any luck selling. I think maybe she hasn't found the market yet. These are hat pins but for holding scarves, shawls and stoles in place. I have on in amtheyst. Here are two in blues and she also has some in amber. She's selling them for Aus$20 (including postage). And I need to make myself a shawl or two to be able to use mine.


Anonymous said...

Your mum's pins would also work on cardi too - like this one I got from Boden (it's now a sale item so the link will be kaput at some point...)

I *love* this cardigan cos it's soft and drapey - even if it's machine knitted and not real wool :-O I had it in Perth with me so you may remember it.

Anyway, I've been wearing it lots, but always without the pin - until today that is!! The pin make it look posher.

Alisa Krasnostein said...

That's a pretty cardi! Did you get a pin from my mum? They are very sturdy.