Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lace knitting

I never actually knew what other people meant by knitting kicking their ass. Just goes to show that I hadn't tried anything really beyond my skill level, or more than just a little bit higher than my skill level.

Lace knitting is totally kicking my ass. I frogged the Sarcelle again last night and then it took me another 4 goes to get past the initial lace pattern repeat (by past, I mean to the final 6th line in the repeat without having stitches left on my needle). I think I was doing the cast on using the backward loop method wrong - this is the first time I've ever used this method. I have to knit so slowly and count every stitch and double check and so on and in the end I decided to thread in some life lines. The bf wanted to know if I was going to phone a friend! If only I had a lace knitter I could go to in real life. I'd only cry though.Lace seems so much harder to go back and correct mistakes with - I haven't managed to do it yet, I have to frog.

Maybe I'll show you a photo later when I have like more than half an inch knitted to snapshot. I can see why lace knitting takes so long - it's very hard to do in large spurts. My eyes got sore and I got frustrated. I guess that's good news on the other projects front!

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