Thursday, October 12, 2006

I like to stash

I like to stash so much here is a photo of fat quarters I've bought in the year even though I haven't patchworked in more than 7 years.

I've got some kind of Japanese theme going on but the fabrics are so beautiful that I'm scared to cut them up. Also an African safari thing going on. I dunno. I find multi crafting a bit tough at the moment. Earlier in the year I got into cros stitching as well as the knitting but I haven't stitched in a couple of months and I am actually contemplating packing them away for now too. Not good since I did some good stashing on cross stitch kits this year too.

Typically, instead of making up the second sock for the bf, I'm working on the first sock for each of these skeins. All three are to be done by the end of the month so I think that's still all on the up and up. I have almost finished the first sock of the Sherbet colourway - will do so tonight, no doubt. I was quite tired last night and got more reading done than knitting.

However, I'm going through an interesting period in my life right now - for some reason I seem to be tidying things up without noticing - like across the board: my house, my study, my handbags, my to do list with reading, editing, reviewing, studying etc etc. It's weird, especially since I don't *feel* overly more motivated than normal. I don't seem to be all fired up to tidy and organise but it's happening anyway. I do have a theory that once I get on top of one area of my life, be that my email account or a corner of my living room, I look over and over at the totally perfect space and then roam my eyes to other areas that can be similarly pleasing. This is good when I am in this place, the trouble is figuring out how to get here when I am not.

So obviously this is extending over to my knitting and stashing. I am quite content at the moment to work through and finish started projects and put empty needles back in their jar rather than cast on something new. I am enjoying seeing piles of stuff about the place get reduced. I have a large basket in my bedroom where I have been tossing my more favourite skeins of yarn - I get to perve on them as I come and go from my room. Trouble was, I love a lot of skeins of yarn and the basket got more and more full and I actually could only perve at the top of the pile and was forgetting what the hell was in the basket at all. So I decided to rearrange my stash closet - I have 5 hanging shoe tree or jumper shelf things stuffed with yarn - mostly acrylic and a little bit of wool all for the Boeme Bebe stuff, and one shelf of sock yarn. I've sorta been a bit tough with rearranging these - black and white in the same shelf for example - to get more room to put more of my hand dyed sock yarns in. And so now, I can see a lot more of my yarn. The basket in my bedroom was then emptied enough to fill with ongoing projects or things I'm doing next (end of year presents etc) - all previously stacked on my bedside and the set of shelves I have next to that.

Here is the area for refernce. This photo was taken months ago so imagine it all kinda piled higher and deeper. However, now I have actually got a free bedside except for the two skeins of yarn above and the books I'm currently reading. I cleared out the top shelf next to the bedside and stacked it with booties that need sewing up and all my bedside queue books (and some more huge short story collections I bought at the con a couple of weeks ago).

Amazingly, I was able to shut the drawers in my bedside for the first time in what must be months. The top drawer has current projects and some leftover balls of yarn which I make up socks for Boeme Bebe from. The middle drawer has all knitting books and current patterns and the bottom drawer has once-current balls of yarn but now lay forgotten. I guess my next aim would be to empty these out and use them like normal people use them - whatever that is.

I can't express how much of a load has been lifted in seeing so much free space and areas cleared of projects-in-progress and other random things. There's a lot of release in saying, yes I will read this book but not in the next two months so stick it in the library and come back for it later. And similarly for yarn projects. It's kind of freeing to just draw a line in the sand and reset your life pace. It's horrifying to realise the pressure that project and reading queues were weighing on my subconscious.


chocolatetrudi said...

I like to go through my stash on a regular basis. It reminds me of what I have - and some yarns have the added extra of bringing back memories of places so looking at them is almost like viewing a photo album. It also gets me all inspired to make things I bought the yarns for, which helps combat the urge to buy more.

But the down side is I get project making anxiety - all stressed about getting things done.

I'm definitely not stash viewing at the moment, because my hands hurt too much to knit and looking at my yarn would just make me depressed.

Alisa Krasnostein said...

I don't go through all of it regularly but I do like to rifle through my basket in my room and look at which Socks that Rock I actually bought etc. I haven't had the chance to go travelling and buy yarns so for me its mostly all bought online. I think that it saves me from souvenir yarns, which as far as I can tell is a-whole-nother problem!

I can see how going through your yarn gives project anxiety - I think it does the same for me so I really just limit it. Its how the pile at my bed tends to grow - go in to yarn closet to look for white, come out with 16 balls of yarn for hats I could also make.

Sorry your hands are sore - it's those needles or THAT yarn! Mine seemed to be okay when I rested them only a couple of days.