Friday, September 29, 2006

Some of the socks

The complete half pairs. From left to right, the Vesper Self Striping Sock in Sweetwater, knit plain; Socks that Rock in Ruby Slippers, pattern is slip rib, I think; Socks that rock - the first sock club yarn Rainforest Jasper which I teamed up with Jasper and for the cuff, heel and toe). These are for the bf. These are the first three pairs to be tackled in Socktoberfest.

These are other socks that I have on random needles which will also be included in Socktoberfest. The Sherbet Is a Socks that Rock that I bought for myself but have since realised my Nana will love more so these are for her birthday in November. The other is my much loved Seashells by Sophie's Toes. Both are plain knits. The colourways are too beautiful to mess with more than that. The Seashells will come with me to Fandomedia.

This was as far as I dug the other night in tallying up socks in progress. I do fear there are more to be discovered when I clear the path by knitting up all these skeins of yarn!


chocolatetrudi said...

Yay pictures! The ruby slippers looks delicious. You certainly have a bit of sock knitting to do in October.

Alisa Krasnostein said...

The ruby slippers are a pain cause i have to consult the pattern! but they fit perfectly.

I was shocked how much I got done at the con though.