Friday, September 22, 2006

First genuine post

Knitting blogs are all about the pretty - I'm well aware of that. I shall dig out my camera and get into the habit of diligently photgraphing the pieces I talk about.

I didn't do that last night though due to ... well... general procrastination. I did, however, do heaps of knitting. I frogged back the heel of my Vesper sock and reknit it and got an inch or two into the foot. I worked on another hat for the fair I'm doing on Oct 9 - it's an orangey-yellow and lemon yellow stripe. I have about 12 rows left of decreasing to do and another bites the dust. I also finished one baby sock out of the left over Beachcomber colourway of Sophie's Toes. I'm hoping to get a pair out of them and sell them for ~ $6 or 8. A nice subsidy to my own pair of socks.

I feel really bad though. Not only do I have about 16 UFOs on the needles, I have at least 7 socks on the go. Not pairs either - the Vesper stripe in ... I can't remember the colourway but its blue, orange and lime; Sophie's Toes in Seashell (and I'm gazing longingly at the other colourway I have of hers on the bedside in Avocado Salad); Socks that Rock in Ruby Slippers (its the second); Sunshine Yarn in Watermelon; Socks that Rock in the first sock club colourway, Cedar Creek (it's for the bf so I added some Jasper for the cuff, toe and heel); Socks that Rock in Sherbet. And I have a feeling I started another Socks that Rock for my mother but I need to check.

This is disastrous. It's not even all the projects I'm working on. And the worst of it is that I have this many sets of dpns so when I finish a sock, I just cast on another one since I don't really need the needles for anything else. *sigh*


chocolatetrudi said...

Blogs are good incentive for finishing projects - they give you something to photograph and talk about!

But... seven socks at once? Golly.

Alisa Krasnostein said...

Yeah, I took photos last night and need to upload them - I'me very lazy.

7 socks - well I had seven sets of dpns!

chocolatetrudi said...

I often think I need a few more sets of dpns...

Alisa Krasnostein said...

it's the road to trouble my friend!!!