Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yarn as incentive

Sometimes you have to have a reason to buy yarn - to legitimise accumulating yet more sockyarn, to be exact. Recently I bought several skeins of Sophie's Toes yarn. It's gorgeous and interesting and a delight to knit up. And then she updated her store. And there were two more beautiful skeins that I had my eye on. The thing is, at some point you have to feel guilty about making pairs of socks for AUS $35. Well I do. But then I haven't told you how much sock yarn stash I have. So I thought and thought and then I thought, "Well I need a kick in the bum to finish my ezine and launch it and to make the edits to a nonfiction article I wrote AND got paid for agggggges ago. These might do the trick." The ezine got launched and I had earned the Fall Mums colourway. But I kept forgetting to work on the article. I didn't though keep forgetting to wander past her etsy store and ogle Pony. And then last Friday I thought, "Bugger it. I want the yarn, I want it now, finish the damn article." And I did. I sat there until it was done. And then I ordered the yarn.

Having the first skein contigent on the second really worked for getting two hideous tasks out of the way. And now that I lust after yet more sockyarn that I probably don't *need*, yet am weighed down by many odious tasks that I don't want to do *cough* phd thesis *cough*, I'm wondering if I may have found a cure.

So in that frame of mind, and considering that I will do Socktoberfest next month and hopefully finish many of my started sock pairs, and may sell some of my knitted baby items at the upcoming fair ... I thought I might state here what I have my eye on and what they are traded for, so it's on record if I cheat :-)

I'd like to try The Knittery. I've got four skeins picked out (Passionfruit, Chocolate, Summer and Coral Reef). I'm going to trade 3 skeins for completing the current 4 books I have to read and 1 skein for cleaning and sorting out my garage (how did it get this bad in so short a time?)

And completing Paper 3 for my thesis will be traded for 4 Lisa Souza yarns. I have my eye on Mars Quake, Milk and Honey, Mombassa (my mother was born there) and Lime and Violet. Completing the results section of the paper gets me Mars Quake. I'll have to work out the rest.

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