Thursday, September 28, 2006

Holiday knitting

I'm always ahead of myself. The future possibilites are always more enticing than struggling with the current actualities.

I have my eye on the end of the year and holidays. Being Jewish I don't have to worry about knitting for the holidays but rather I get to dream about what I am going to knit on my holidays. At the moment we are planning to head off to the island for a week or so. And I'm dreaming about what knitting I think I shall take. Initally I thought Socks! But really, in theory after October I should be going well, sockwise. I want to knit my sister a shawl for her wedding - as a present not to wear. And that may take up November. But now I'm kinda thinking I should bite the bullet and knit a large garment for myself - something like a jumper or a tank top or I really like the dressing gown in Mason Dixon.

I've never knit something this serious before. I am a competant knitter. I have no trouble following a pattern and am quite happy to change or adapt others and am adequate with maths. I just have never undertaken something that requires that much yarn. I think it would be nice to be working on something that large when you have nothing ahead of you but days lazing on the boat deck and using your progress as a way of measuring time.

I'm thinking about it cause if I do decide to, I'll need to organise tools and yarn ahead of time.

Date night is Wednesday night so only had a couple of hours to knit and um, I crocheted those hats - one completed, two only need the brim to go and I started a new one as well.

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