Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I didn't do any knitting last night at all. I spent the whole knit crocheting instead :-) I broke my own rule - to finish all the projects on my bedside before bringing any new balls or skeins of yarn into the room (and thus starting new projects). I was doing well after the weekend and there was space and room to pile things, you see. And it's far easier to repeat a project when you do them all up together. And that's how I came to start 3 new sunhats last night and am now working on 4 at the same time. These are all for the fair on the 9th and are variegated acrylics. I'm testing the theory that you need to have the stock to sell it :-) We'll see.

But the fair is on the 9th of October, as I said, and after that I might lay back a bit on the baby wear. I'm thinking of taking a pair of socks with me to the convention I'm going to this weekend. I'm knitting my Seashells socks on bamboo needles and I'm thinking of taking them. I don't want to be distracting to the people on the panels but to sit all day long for the whole weekend is a lot of time sitting still.

I was listening to Lime and Violet on the way home last night and again into work this morning. I think they convinced me to sign up for Socktoberfest. I have that many pairs of socks in various stages of completion I thought I might aim to get them all done in the month. I have 3 finished half pairs. And at least 3 more half pairs started on needles (none the second to any). I asked the bf how many socks he thought I could get done in a month and he thought for a while and said, "hmmm... I think 8 halves" and that was without telling him I was contemplating completing started socks first! So that will be my goal - to finish all started pairs of socks.

Of course that's sooooo hard to do when you keep getting beautiful new skeins in the mail. Yesterday brought Sunshine Yarn's Chocolate Covered Cherries, or similar. I took photos and they are to come.


chocolatetrudi said...

Photos! Photos! And I want a run-down of each sock pattern and your opinion of it. And who it's for.

I don't want much... really.

Alisa Krasnostein said...

Heh. I need a kick in the pants to get that going.

I must admit though almost all are plain at the moment. I'm going through a variegated phase and not many patterns don't make it look too busy.

chocolatetrudi said...

Plain. Varigated. Whatever. I wanna see 'em!

Alisa Krasnostein said...

Cool. I took photos but ran out of tome to uplaod - will do tonight.