Monday, October 01, 2007

Craft weekend!!!!

Had a heavy schedue of crafting this weekend. No photos today but will post some this week.

I made a nice indent into the second sock I am making for a gift.

I also pieced half of the kimonos for my kimono wall hanging. There are 12 in the whole piece - 6 dark on calico background and then 6 lighter ones on darker background. I did all the dark on the calicos this weekend. And I'm especially impressed with myself because I fixed one of them that had been sitting in limbo for months. Does that ever happen to you? You're rocking along happily on a project nd then wham! something kind of annoying or fiddly happens and you put it down to fix later and the 'fixing it later becomes so big in your mind that the whole project comes to a grinding halt? That's what happened to me on this one. I bled on a piece of the background ... or something red got stained on it .. and it needed to be fixed somehow. And even though I could have left it for later and done all the other squares and come back, I didn't. Nothing happened and sewing ground to a screeching halt and I worked on knitting instead And you know what? It required undoing 3 seams, replaced the piece, redoing two more seams and voila! Done. I did it. And now the project is full steam ahead. I hope.

The other cool thing I discovered was that I think I was slow on this project because I was working one square at a time. On Friday night I stood and traced out all the pieces for all 12 of the kimonos. I cut them all out and put each kimono set in a ziploc bag. Then when I sat to sew, I could pick up one, and work on that without all the others getting in the way. Organisation! And portability! I loved it! I will definitely use this method in future. The cutting out really stalls the work and puts me off working on it.

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