Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kimono Patchworking

This is a photo of the kimono kit I've been working on this last week. I've done all the squares with the light background. The material for the dark background is a lot lighter and it turns out, less accurately drawn templates on. Lots of fiddling and easing going on.

So this might be one of the projects I take with me when I got overseas at the end of the month - especially since I've made it transportable now. And I can't see myself finishing it before then. I have at least 3 pairs of socks to make in the meantime - 2 of which I have not even balled the skeins of yet. Any ideas about crafting on board a plane? I'm thinking a needle and thread can get on - so cross-stitching could be an option. If I didn't need pins I could take patchwork? I'm vaguely toying with making fans to be appliqued onto blocks later. I could do that with card templates, tack the material on and then overstitch edges together.

I dunno. But the flight from Sydney to JFK is gonna be looooooooooong.


Unknown said...

I've taken cross-stitch on flights within Australia, as long as I remember to pack my scissors separately. Haven't tried overseas: didn't want to dare. Although, it's only a needle (and a lot of time bored) if they do object.


Alisa Krasnostein said...

hey thanks for that. So you put the scissors in your check in baggage? (and cut everything neatly after the flight?) That's what I was thinking - pack the needle separately, if it gets taken, then no sewing that flight - and pack spare needles in check in baggage. Have to try and not look dodgy when I board though!