Saturday, December 06, 2008

A craft post at long last!

Wow was it really the first of June since last I posted here? That's 5 months ago! I guess I really did lose my craft mojo around the time that I met the new boy. For a while I wondered if I had lost the need to craft or no longer needed what craft brings to me, having met someone who seemed to so perfectly fit with me - I no longer needed craft to fill a gap or to inspire me or to be my creative outlet. Then we brokeup and I didn't feel like crafting. Then we ... well it's complicated.

But. I am crafting again. Have been for a little while now. And I think the pressure of keeping a craft blog for me is about the photos - craftblogs NEED photos and photos are hard for me. I'm going to try and balance that a bit. Let's see how I go.

But the reason for the post today is ... today I went craft shop crawling with my friend C. And ... I have a serious fabric addiction. I was totally going to just look and browse and support C and then have coffee. But in the first frigging shop I found a couple of fabrics I didn't have that are in the same set as some I am collecting. Well! I had to have them of course. And this was the first time ever I actually got fabrics cut - I totally have only ever bought fat quarters.

On the way out I decided that in exchange for positive fabric stash accumulation, I HAVE to finish SOMETHING by the end of this year. A project. And I think socks don't count. Course as C pointed out, that's only 3 weeks away. Sheesh!

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