Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Craft Goals

I've been cleaning out and organising my craft corner in my study. The thinking was that if I could see all the lovely different craft supply stashes, I wouldn't feel bad being on a craft diet and I'd also get onto finishing some of my projects. It's coming together nicely. A good side effect has been organising and turfing some of my books in order to keep one whole bookcase for craft. But I've also realised how little crafting I have done for myself this year. I have a lot of skeins of sock yarn for socks for me that remain unmade. And also a few skeins for shawls that likewise remain unmade. And a looooot of fabrix stash for cute funky out there projects I'm going to make one day.

The trouble is ... when is this "one day"? When will there be time for projects for myself? And when that time comes, will I still love all those fabrics and yarns? I do kind of go through taste phases.

So I decided to finish just one project by the end of the year ... tick tick tick tick ... I think it's going to be a silk cushion cover I bought at one of the craft shows earlier in the year. Needs like three seams and some overlocking or something. The thing though that is the hardest hurdle for me is cutting up the fabric. I have a fear of cutting it and ruining it - any piece of gorgeous fabric. I think in part that's why I like yarn so much. If you don't like what you knit, you can unpick it and start again! Not so with funky fat quarters.

The other thing though that I've been thinking about is setting some kind of project goals list for 2009 so I don't end up complaining about how I gifted everything I made this year again next year. Not sure what or how yet. Just mulling over the idea at this stage.

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