Sunday, December 21, 2008

Craft Plans

I'm in the process of self auditing and thinking about 2009, not in a resolutions sort of way but more in a "where do I want to be this time next year" thing.

So as I stand here and look at the craft things I achieved this year ... well, I'm kinda bummed to tell the truth. I mostly made items to gift and whilst that is always fun and a pleasure, they were late to most recipients. So I not only feel bad that I have little in my own possession craft-wise to show for this year, the gifts I made missed the occasions entirely too.

AND I missed an opportunity to supply Boeme Bebe merchandise to a real live store in the US just cause I didn't have myself together this year across the board to deal with it.

So, where to in 2009? I brainstormed a very long (general life) list last night of things I would like to not still have to do by this time next year and I think not having these things weighing down on me as STILL Not Finished, will bring me further along the path to happiness. In terms of craft, I feel like I have wasted money on supplies that go unused. And I feel like I miss out on the pleasure of finishing, feeling the sense of accomplishment and enjoying projects I have made.

I still have presents I want to make and gift. So I need to sometimes be unselfishly crafting! I also have new projects I want to be able to start, cause that's always fun. But I also want to not have these WIPs that have been hanging around, sometimes for YEARS, hanging around taunting me anymore.

So it seems like I need a balance of old and new, for me and for presents, and across my crafts. I feel like it needs RULES or a LIST and I hate to feel that craft, something that is fun and for recreation time, needs to be regimented.

Not sure yet what to do.

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