Thursday, January 11, 2007


Was just answering a comment by Knitting and Chocolate on another blog in another blogland far far away, and it just occurred to me!!! I need several, several I tell you, knitted headbands for my baths. I grabbed one the other day that I had made in desperation two New Years holidays ago when we were on board the boat for 10 windy days at the island. I really really hate my hair blowing in my face and in the end, I no longer cared what I looked like, I just wanted my hair out of my face. Same thing happened the other day when I took my first bath in this house. I just wanted something to keep my hair out of my eyes. And the headband worked a treat and I didn't care if it got wet or whatever.

I think I shall hunt out some sockyarn leftovers and make myself a few. And then I have found a use for that leftover box I had from a The Body Shop gift - you know the ones? Too nice to throw away so they hang around waiting for a use? I think I shall pop that on the bath with a nice bunch of headbands awaiting bathing time!

Pictures to follow!


chocolatetrudi said...

I have a little container full of them in the bathroom. Mostly I wear them when my hair is drying, as they kind of 'set' it so it doesn't hang in my face later.

I crochet all mine. Are you going to knit yours?

Alisa Krasnostein said...

That's what I want - a container of them!!!

I was thinking of knitting them becasue I want them quite tight. How do the crochet ones fair?

Alexandra said...

I just have too much hair to make a headband realistic.

But thank you, Girlie Jones, for making me realise that yes, kniting is fun for young people! =] Even after the various comments I have heard, I hadn't quite realised that you were quite so into it... it's very cool! It makes me feel bad for neglecting my corss-stitch, but time... ah time....