Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I suppose the Clapotis deserves a post all of her own! Here she is. I made it out of Lisa Souza's sock yarn, colour way Can't Elope. Orange is not really actually a colour I like or wear but the name was so hard to resist and it was such fun to knit up with the little bits of green popping up here and there. Honestly, the Clapotis is boring boring boring to knit once you get the hang of the pattern. But then .... once you have one ... you kinda think you might need more.

Here is a more artistic shot of the Clapotis, in its more scarf-like pose.I wore it out to Shakespeare in the Park as a scarf and it was very warm.

Similarly though, it can also pose as a shawl, and is quite warm on a brisk summer evening.

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